Viral Video Shows Superfast "Quality Inspection" Of Rice Sacks By A Woman

The video has nearly 25 million views on Instagram, proving how popular it became online.

Viral Video Shows Superfast 'Quality Inspection' Of Rice Sacks By A Woman

The woman is seen using a sharp tool to inspect the bags.

From bingeworthy content to cringe-worthy videos, in this digital age, it's difficult to predict what will go viral on the internet.

Checking the quality of sacks full of food grains is a standard practice in any warehouse anywhere in the world.

But a video of a woman performing a quality inspection on rice bags is going so viral on the web that anyone using the internet will be surprised by the number of views.

Watch the video here:

In the past 10 days since it was posted on social media, the video has gained almost 25 million views on Instagram, demonstrating how popular it has become via the internet.

The viewers have given mixed reactions to this video; some of them are surprised by the skills, and some are clueless about what is happening.

"Scary with the sharpness of the detector, a little mistake can hit the rice-lifting person," wrote a user.

"What's she looking for? Does anyone have a serious answer? " Would the whole batch be removed or just the defective sack of rice be removed if it failed the QC?" commented another user.

A third user explained the video in the comment box, saying, "For those who don't understand why it has to be like this, this happens to check the quality of rice per sack without disturbing the moving activities, so it is not complicated."

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