This Article is From Aug 11, 2020

Viral Video: Can You Spot The Real Dog Among Life-Size Wooden Replicas?

Over 5.9 million views for this video.

Viral Video: Can You Spot The Real Dog Among Life-Size Wooden Replicas?

Can you find Tsuki-kun the dog among these wooden sculptures?

This dog is better at the game of Statues than most people. Don't take our word for it - see for yourself in this video that has gone viral online with nearly 6 million views. On Saturday, a sculptor and animal woodcarver from Japan, Mio Hashimoto, shared a video of his pet dog Tsuki-kun standing rock still among his life-size sculptures. 

Mr Hashimoto gave his Twitter followers a glimpse of his workroom, where several realistic sculptures of cats, dogs, rabbits and llamas stood shoulder to shoulder. Among these wooden replicas also stood Tsuki-kun - but so still and so silent that the casual observer, at first glance, would not be able to tell him apart from the statues. 

Can you find Tsuki-kun among the wooden replicas? Take a look at the video below:

Since being posted on Twitter, the video has collected over 5.9 million views and thousands of amused comments, with many praising the dog's acting skills and his owner's life-like sculptures.

"Those wooden carvings looked so real I did not even notice what was in front of me lol! Absolutely stunning work!" wrote one person in the comments section. 

"That's some very wooden acting," another quipped.

"The dog is amazing, not to mention the work! Thank you for uploading," a Twitter user remarked.

Were you able to find the real dog before he moved? Let us know using the comments section. 

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