This Article is From Oct 18, 2022

Viral Video: Brawling Men Tumble Down Escalator At New York's Grand Central Station

The New York Police Department has arrested and charged the 37-year-old suspect with assault.

Viral Video: Brawling Men Tumble Down Escalator At New York's Grand Central Station

The video was captured by one of the commuters at the station.

A clip showing two men tumbling down an escalator in New York's Grand Central Station during a brawl has gone viral on the internet. The fight was caught on camera by one of the commuters at the station and has left social media users stunned.

The clip has been posted on Reddit with the caption, "On my lunch break commute through Grand Central." It shows the commuters trying to move away from the duo who turn violent and start hitting each other, rolling down the escalator.

Watch the video here:

Towards the end of the video, a man and a woman can be seen pacifying the two men in an attempt to stop the brawl.

The incident occurred on October 14, 2022 when a 37-year-old male punched a male victim in the face after a verbal dispute, the New York Police Department (NYPD) told Fox News. The police also said that a 37-year-old suspect was arrested and charged with assault.

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The man who recorded the 30-second video told Fox News that the fight occurred after one of the men refused to get out of the way for the other on the left side of the escalator.

Many users on Reddit commented on the video which has amassed 1,300 likes. One of them commented, "I thought somebody fell down the escalator until the end of the video. Didn't realise it was 2 people fighting." "I thought the escalator was broken and that's why people were falling down," another user added.

This is not the first time a fight broke out at Grand Central Station. In March 2022, two men were seen fighting and also falling down the stairs.

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