This Article is From Dec 03, 2022

Viral Video: Aizawl Traffic Moves Seamlessly, Internet Surprised

Despite the lack of lane markings or blocks, commuters are seen maintaining lane traffic on their own.

The viral clip has amassed over five million views on Instagram.

Traffic congestion is one of the main problems of the country. No parking spots, congested roads and broken footpaths are some of the factors responsible for the same. Indian cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai are infamous for their poor road management and traffic jams across the globe. However, one Indian city is earning praise from many internet users for managing traffic properly.

The video was shared by internet user Elizabeth on Instagram. A video of Aizawl's city traffic shows cars parked on the right side of the road while other cars are seen moving behind each other without honking or overtaking. Next to the cars, there is a separate lane for motorists.  It is also to be noted that almost all riders on the two-wheelers are wearing helmets. Despite the lack of lane markings or blocks, commuters are seen maintaining lane traffic on their own. The text super in the video calls Aizawl as India's "only silent city."

She captioned the video as, "If you live in India or have been to any Indian cities, you probably know how extreme the traffic jams could get. Everyone selfishly trying to pave their own way even when there's absolutely no room left on the road! And not to mention the ruthless honking of horns when we obviously know that only waiting quietly is all we've gotta do. (Don't get me wrong I love My country, but this is something we need to fix. And it all starts with us)."

She continued, "But here in Aizawl, everyone waits calmly for their own turn with zero honk. Something to adopt in every Indian cities??" 

The video was posted on November 24 and since being shared, it has amassed over five million views and two lakh likes. 

Many users were stunned to see such organised traffic movement. 

A person commented, "Next time someone says, traffic in India is crazy, we can all confidently say, not where it's crazy thanks to Aizwal. Kudos people!!"

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"I am just telling you NORTHEASTERN INDIA PEOPLE HAS THE MOST ETIQUETTES !!! I've been there and can definitely agree at this point !!! There police also work like POLICE !!" said a user. 

A third person said, "Exactly...... Mizoram maintains a good Traffic rules and everybody follows it , They feel shy and guilty to break the rules of it because just beacuse they're in hurry they can't risks someone's safety . So safety first ..... Whole India should learn a make rules like this maybe not now but for betterment has too . .... And I'm happy about my neighbouring state "

"Fun fact: Driving like this makes you enjoy driving more," commented a fourth person. 

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