Video Of Swiggy Delivery Executive Waiting Without Raincoat Amid Heavy Rain Moves Internet

Swiggy responded after the video of its delivery agent went viral saying the company values the efforts of all its distribution partners.

Video Of Swiggy Delivery Executive Waiting Without Raincoat Amid Heavy Rain Moves Internet

Swiggy said the delivery agent works in Vijayawada.

A food delivery executive's life is very hard. When users of services like Swiggy place the order, it is upto these people to handle the vagaries of weather and deliver the food on time. These delivery executives are often seen cutting through heavy traffic and navigating difficult locations as they are often pressed for time. From long working hours to difficult conditions, they go through a lot to deliver the food on time. Now, a video showing a Swiggy delivery guy waiting at a traffic point is making waves on social media.

The video shows the food delivery executive waiting at the traffic junction on a motorcycle without any raincoat while it's pouring. He is seen completely drenched but is determined to continue to finish his job to deliver the food.

Originally posted on Instagram, the video has also surfaced on other social media platforms where it has moved users. On Twitter, it has been shared by IPS officer Dinesh Kabra who has tagged Swiggy to say , "Unfortunately, in @Swiggy only 5 stars can be given. Crores of stars are also less for such a conscientious and hardworking employee."

A user said in response, "He should have been given a raincoat." Another user commented, "He has to do this due to rampant unemployment."

Swiggy also responded to the video saying, "We value the efforts of all our distribution partners including this Vijayawada executive. Their safety is of utmost importance to us and we take several measures to ensure that they are weather-ready throughout the year."

However, users slammed the food delivery company saying they should provide proper gear like raincoat and shoes when asking their employees to go out in such weather. The called such working conditions "inhuman".

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