Video: Here's What The First Space Hotel Will Look Like

The Gateway Foundation calls its planned facility the Von Braun Rotating Space Station

In a few years' time, your vacations could actually involve lifting off to a hotel orbiting above earth. The Gateway Foundation, a startup in Alta Loma, California, wants to open its space hotel to visitors by as early as 2027, according to NBC News. A video by Insh explores what the first space hotel will look like.

The Gateway Foundation calls its planned facility the Von Braun Rotating Space Station. The station will resemble a rotating ring that will simulate low gravity. It will be a cruise-ship style hotel sailing in low earth orbit, which means that guests will be able to walk around like they do on earth.

The proposed hotel will be big enough to accommodate about a 100 guests. It will feature restaurants, gyms, bars and even concert venues, seminars and movie screenings.

The Von Braun Station will have a series of 24 modules that will come with different configurations. Some will be available for commercial or government use, while others may be sold as private residences and space villas.

The Gateway Foundation aims to assemble the facility in orbit by 2025, said Tim Alatorre, the foundation's senior design architect, to NBC News.

"There hasn't been a lot of movement historically to get the average person into space, and we're pushing to make that happen," he said. "In a few years we're all going to be just thinking of space as a normal vacation option."

Mr Alatorre also added to Dezeen that the space hotel will feature comfortable and conventional decor instead of sleek and futuristic designs.

"As humans, we innately connect to natural materials and colours," he said. "The use of fabrics, warm-coloured lighting and paints, and materials with texture, all help us to connect and feel at home. Because the station will have gravity there will be sense of direction and orientation that isn't present in the ISS."

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