US Flat With No Bedroom And Rs 4 Lakh Rent Shocks Social Media

A viral video of a tiny Soho apartment with no bedroom, shared by real estate agent Omer Labock, has gained nearly 2 lakh views on social media.

US Flat With No Bedroom And Rs 4 Lakh Rent Shocks Social Media

The bedroom-less Manhattan apartment listed at $4,695 per month.

Living in New York City is expensive, particularly for apartments, which are known for their high prices. Rents have steadily increased, with Manhattan having the highest median rent in the United States. Recently, a video of a bedroom-less apartment demanding an unexpectedly high rent for its small size has gained significant attention on social media.

The viral video on social media shows a tiny New York City apartment with very limited space. Real estate agent Omer Labock shared a tour of this Manhattan apartment on Instagram, where he has 153,000 followers. The listing demands a surprisingly high rent of $4695 (Rs 392418).

"Can't imagine sleeping up there, lol," he wrote in the caption.

Watch the viral video here:

It features a "sleeve loft" for sleeping, one bathroom, and a versatile space that can serve as a second living room or office.

The unique Soho apartment with no bedroom has garnered nearly 2 lakh views. Users have left interesting comments, highlighting the high cost of living in New York City for such small spaces.

"Living/dining room on the main floor. Storage in that crazy loft space. Bedroom downstairs... boom," commented a user.

"If we're being honest, it's worth paying $4,695 per month for that apartment; I'd love to live there," wrote another user.

"That place is a fire trap," commented a third user.

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