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"Extraordinary": Twitter Amazed At Video Of Girl Naming Country Capitals

The video shows the girl identifying herself to the camera and then naming the capital of countries like Afghanistan, Armenia, Bahrain, Bhutan, Israel and Japan.

'Extraordinary': Twitter Amazed At Video Of Girl Naming Country Capitals

A viral video shows a little girl naming country capitals in quick succession.

A video of a two-and-a-half-year-old girl showing an incredible ability to memorise the names of more than 200 country capitals has emerged online. In the video, the little girl correctly names the capitals of several countries, including some that even adults might take time for or find difficult to remember, without even blinking an eye. Tweeting the video, IAS officer Priyanka Shukla from Chhattisgarh, who is very active on social media, asked her followers how many country capitals they knew of. She said the little girl is the daughter of her colleague Pradeep Tandan.

"At the age of just 2 years, she has memorized the names of the capitals of 205 countries. Pradeep says that Praneena's memory has been extraordinary from the very beginning," she wrote while sharing the clip. 

The video begins with the girl, named Praneena, identifying herself to the camera. Then, a woman asks her to name the capital of several countries one by one. She begins by asking the name of the capital of Afghanistan and goes on to ask about Armenia, Bahrain, Bhutan, Israel and Japan. Amazingly, Praneena answers all of them correctly.

The video has so far received more than 25,000 views and over 2,00 likes.

Many Twitter users praised the girl's ability to memorise.

A Twitter user said Praneena was a “unique name” and asked her its meaning. To which the girl's father Mr Tandon replied, saying, “energy of life”.

But there were many who opposed the “fascination” of parents for recording and sharing such videos on social media. They praised the girl and restricted their criticism to only the practice of introducing the child to the public glare and scrutiny at a tender age.

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