This Article is From Oct 15, 2019

Trending: #BangaloreTraffic Memes Make Commuters Laugh, Then Cry

Take a look at some of the #BangaloreTraffic memes taking over Twitter

Trending: #BangaloreTraffic Memes Make Commuters Laugh, Then Cry

Bengaluru residents share funny memes on the city's traffic

Bengaluru's notorious traffic has become the subject of many a jokes over the years. According to Bengaluru Traffic Police, the fact that there is "very little scope for expansion of roads" contributes to the traffic pressure in the city. Add to that rapid population growth and increase in the vehicular population and you get a recipe for congested roads and hours-long waiting periods in traffic. For the last few hours, Bengaluru residents have been airing their grievances on Twitter using the hashtag #BangaloreTraffic. These tweets and memes have even been compiled into a Twitter Moment.

Take a look at some of the #BangaloreTraffic memes that are trending on the microblogging website:

The infamous Silk Board junction traffic also found quite a few mentions

People also shared videos and photos from traffic jams

Bengaluru's traffic congestion is so notorious that last year, a techie rode a horse to work to protest against it. "I have been staying in Bengaluru for the past eight years and I am fed up of the bottlenecks and air pollution," software engineer Roopesh Kumar Verma had said.  "Bengaluru is overcrowded and too many vehicles on the road lead to traffic jams every day."

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