This Article is From Oct 27, 2020

This Puppy Is Not Winning Any Hurdle Races But Gets 10/10 For Cuteness. Watch

Over a million views for this adorable video.

This Puppy Is Not Winning Any Hurdle Races But Gets 10/10 For Cuteness. Watch

If you like silly puppies, this video will make your day.

In hurdle races, dogs are supposed to jump over obstacles. Looks like this one didn't get the memo. An adorable video, which has gone viral on social media, shows a happy little puppy failing spectacularly at an obstacle course but winning hearts with his cuteness anyway. 

In the video, a woman is seen trying to train her small puppy to jump over an obstacle. She runs past the obstacle with a treat in hand, urging the dog to jump over it. The puppy runs after her happily, but instead of jumping over the hurdle, he runs right into it, knocking it to the ground. Not paying any attention to it, the pooch then sits in front of the amused woman, his tail wagging happily, before the video ends.

"Scores, please," wrote author Dick King-Smith on Twitter while sharing the hilarious clip. Watch it below:

The video has garnered a whopping 1.1 million views on the microblogging platform since being posted one day ago.

Many in the comments section responded to Mr King-Smith's request for scoring the dog's brave attempt at hurdle racing. 

"10! Selflessly sweeping aside all obstacles to be at their human's side," wrote one Twitter user.

"11/10 for unrattled exuberance and sheer determination," said another.

"10/10 for cuteness. 10/10 for good doggo. What else matters?" a Twitter user remarked. 

The hugely popular 'We Rate Dogs' account, which jokingly prides itself on being the "only source for professional dog ratings", also joined the tweet-storm. It gave the pup a 13/10 for his good work.

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