This Man's Mirror Illusion Has The Internet Freaking Out. Take A Look

"What is this sorcery?" wrote one shocked viewer

This Man's Mirror Illusion Has The Internet Freaking Out. Take A Look

Shawn Reischauer's illusion video has gone viral on Instagram.

When Shawn Reischauer and his brother visited a store in Illinois, they did not expect to come out of it with a viral video. But that's exactly what happened, thanks to a mirror selfie video they made out of "boredom".

Shawn 's video has become a confusing optical illusion that is making people around the world scratch their heads in confusion. In the video, you can see Shawn looking at himself in a mirror - until the camera zooms out to reveal another reflection of him looking at himself in the mirror. This happens again a third and a fourth time - until the camera pans to the right to reveal him standing in the middle of a store, nowhere near a mirror.

Watch the confusing clip below:


Infinite mirror video with @cdreischauer

A post shared by Shawn R. ( on

After watching the clip, many viewers were left convinced that the video was made by twins - or that magic was involved. However, 22-year-old Shawn denies it, according to Metro. He claims that while his older brother Christian filmed the video, he does not feature in it and that he does not have a twin.

"So what you're saying is human clone?" questioned one person on Instagram. "I'm so confused," said another. "What is this sorcery?" a third wrote.

Shawn explained how the mirror optical illusion was made to Metro.


"What the viewers can't see is that my brother was recording into one mirror, and that I was leaning on the opposite mirror behind him," he said.

"The reflections make it appear that I am either in front of him, or next to him, which is why the last 'me' seems confusing."

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