This Article is From Oct 29, 2022

This Japanese Restaurant Lets Customers Catch Their Own Fish For Meal

Many internet users expressed their desire to try this fascinating experience.

This Japanese Restaurant Lets Customers Catch Their Own Fish For Meal

The video has been viewed 19 lakh times.

Have you ever been to a cafe or a restaurant and made your own meal? It sounds bizarre, doesn't it? But in a viral video doing the rounds on the internet, a restaurant in Japan allows customers to catch their own fish from a pool present on the premises.

Zauo Restaurant in Osaka, Japan, lets people come in to dine at the restaurant to catch fish from the side of the restaurant or sit in a boat and cherish that experience. Once the customer catches the fish, the restaurant makes an announcement to celebrate the achievement. The management at the restaurant will also click a picture of you with the fish, and then the fish will be sent to the chef, who will cook it as per your liking-sashimi, deep fried fish, etc.

This clip was shared by Instagram user Tina & Fam and has been viewed over 19 lakh times and has also amassed 1.2 lakh likes. It has been captioned as, "Who do you want to go fishing with in Japan?"

As per the website of the restaurant, "If you catch the fish yourself, it's cheaper!" We can fish for our own fish and eat it fresh at a discount price. We hope you will use this system to enjoy fishing and eating fresh, flavorful fish!" They added, "The regular price of a red-snapper fish is 4,180 Japanese yen, but if caught by the customer, it will be priced at Rs 1,810."

However, the customer has to pay 110 Japanese yen, or around Rs 61, for renting the fishing rod. The staff of the restaurant also help and advise the customers if they have a difficult time catching the fish.

Many internet users found this experience interesting. A user said, "I want to do this, so fun." Another said, "Now I am adding this to my bucket list!!!" A third commented. "Fishing sounds like a great idea to do."

Another user, who relished the experience, shared, "I did this! But the other location in Japan. It was so cool to choose how to have our fish prepared. There was also a very small fee to have the head and bones used to make miso soup, so nothing went to waste. It was the best sashimi I've ever had."

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