This Article is From Jul 13, 2016

The Real Story Behind Viral Pic of David Cameron Moving House

The Real Story Behind Viral Pic of David Cameron Moving House

The Internet thinks this is a recent picture of David Cameron. However, it dates back to 2007.


  • A picture of David Cameron is widely being shared online
  • It shows him lugging a removal box titled 'handle with care'
  • The Internet thinks it is a recent picture but it dates back to 2007
As David Cameron and his family prepare to leave 10 Downing Street, their home for the last six years, a picture of the outgoing British Prime Minister is widely being shared on social media. Hailed as the 'coolest thing' by some on Twitter, the picture shows Mr Cameron lugging a removal box titled 'handle with care.' Here's the thing though - this is not a picture of the Camerons currently moving out of 10 Downing Street, it dates all the way back to 2007.

This is the picture everyone's sharing online:
The Internet seems to think this is a recent picture. However, the photo was actually taken when Mr Cameron was still Leader of Opposition - he became Prime Minister in 2010.

According to a Dailymail article dating back to 2007, the picture was taken when Mr Cameron and his family were moving into their new house in North Kensington, London.

David Cameron photographed moving boxes.

A cursory glance shows that the former premier, now 49, looks younger in the picture and is clearly moving into a house and not out of it.

The truth was also pointed out by this Twitter user:
So until social media figures out that this is an old picture, take a look at what they're saying about it on Facebook and Twitter: