This Article is From Oct 13, 2017

Sick Of Family WhatsApp Groups? Here's What One Mumbai Woman Did

This will give you the courage to finally leave that family chat group

Sick Of Family WhatsApp Groups? Here's What One Mumbai Woman Did

Tired of the sexist jokes and unverified forwards? Scroll down to see how one woman handled it

New Delhi: Family chat groups are a great way to keep in touch with relatives you may not get to see everyday - your favourite massi, that hilarious uncle and that bua ka beta who lives halfway across the country. But more often than not family groups can be highly annoying - those daily good morning messages, the factually-incorrect forwards and sexist husband-wife jokes. A lot of them. And sparring with your relatives on WhatsApp can make the offline interactions kinda awkward. So, tired of all the "unverified news, casual sexism and xenophobia", one woman left her extended-family WhatsApp group with a goodbye message so epic, it may inspire you to finally quit that family group you put on mute months ago. Yes, we know and you're not alone.

Mumbai-based Namaah posted a screenshot of the message, written very eloquently, she sent to her extended family before quitting the WhatsApp group and it has started a movement of sorts inspiring many to follow suit.

"In today's personal victory, I quit my extended-family WhatsApp group, I cannot fully express the relief I feel," she wrote along with the screenshot that quickly went viral.
And desis on Twitter pretty much went wild.
Many shared their own stories of how they left their respective chat groups.
Are you part of a family group you want to quit or did you successfully quit one already? Let us know your story in the comments.
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