This Article is From Jul 07, 2020

#SareeTwitter Trends As Users Celebrate 9 Yards Of Grace With Their Fave Pics

"A saree is not simply an outfit," wrote Chitra Kishor Wagh, Vice President of BJP Maharashtra.

#SareeTwitter Trends As Users Celebrate 9 Yards Of Grace With Their Fave Pics

Twitter users shared their favourite saree pictures for #SareeTwitter.

Monday evening saw #SareeTwitter trending as users of the microblogging platform began to share their favourite saree pics. The draped garment traces its origins back to the Indus Valley Civilisation, but it remains, even today, an extremely popular and widely worn outfit in India. In fact, as many have pointed out, a saree today is more than just an outfit - it is a cultural icon. Different parts of our country are famous for their own styles, drapes and fabrics, and all these sarees converged on Twitter yesterday to fill the platform with colour. 

The drape that varies from six yards to nine yards is now being celebrated on Twitter. Here is a look at some pictures that set #SareeTwitter trending on the microblogging platform:

Shivani Chopra, Vice President of Delhi Congress, shared a picture of herself in a saree and revealed an interesting anecdote behind it. Ms Chopra revealed that she borrowed the saree from a fruit vendor and gave her money to buy a new one. "Thereafter that woman started a side business of renting sarees to foreigners for their convocation day," wrote Ms Chopra.

UK's Dr Andrew Fleming, Deputy High Commissioner to Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, shared three photos of his wife for #SareeTwitter. He wrote that his wife, Van, had grown to like sarees as much as she liked her native Ao Dai - Vietnam's national garment.

Chitra Kishor Wagh, Vice President of BJP Maharashtra, praised the saree as a symbol of culture, identity and language in a tweet.

Actress Swastika Mukherjee also shared a picture in the draped garment for #SareeTwitter.

Meanwhile, popular Twitter account 'Indian History Pics' dug out an old picture of a scientist working at the National Physical Laboratory wearing a saree.

This isn't the first time that #SareeTwitter has begun trending. Last year, too, the hashtag inspired Twitter users to share their favourite saree pics.

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