This Article is From Aug 14, 2020

Reggie The Cockatoo Loves His New Job As Office Assistant. Watch

Reggie the cockatoo generously volunteers his time at Cincinnati Zoo's office.

Reggie The Cockatoo Loves His New Job As Office Assistant. Watch

Reggie the cockatoo is a gainfully employed member of society.

Reggie the cockatoo may not be great at his job, but what he lacks in efficiency, he makes up for in cuteness. A few days ago, USA's Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden shared a video of their newest office assistant working hard at his new job. The video shows Reggie the attention-loving white cockatoo working hard to make copies, helping out his human colleagues. 

According to Cincinnati Zoo, the bird enjoys extra attention from humans, and therefore volunteers his time helping out their office team members. 

The video shared by the zoo shows Reggie picking papers off the copier and promptly dropping them on the floor. "Our new office assistant. Reggie the cockatoo enjoys extra attention from humans so he spends his mornings helping out some of our office team members. He's gotten quite good at getting the papers off the copier," the zoo wrote while sharing Reggie's video. Take a look at it below:

Since being shared three days ago, the video has collected over 2.6 lakh views and thousands of amused comments, with many thanking the zoo for sharing the clip and others saying that the cockatoo deserves a bonus for his hard work.

"I love how he doesn't just drop them, he puts in an extra touch with the head fling!" wrote one person. 

""Don't need that... or that...or that...'" another joked.

"So funny, but I hope those don't need to be in any certain order," a Facebook user quipped.

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