This Article is From Oct 22, 2015

Ravana 2015: What If the 10-Headed Guy Lived Today

Ravana 2015: What If the 10-Headed Guy Lived Today
It's that time of the year again when kids insist on hearing the good old story of how good triumphed over evil. 

The day Lord Ram defeated the 10-headed Ravana is celebrated as the festival of Dusshera. Streets are lit with colourful lights, every street has a huge mela or fair, Ram-Leelas are held in most colonies, and the Ravana-dahn takes place as well. 

But what if Ravana lived in this day and age? 

Ixigo gave the matter some thought and posted the results on their Facebook page. 

To start with, his bed. Laundry will be no problem, given the automatic washing machines. 

He would have his own washroom. 

Reading the newspaper would be a breeze, what with 10 pairs of eyes and 10 brains.

But working at a regular office could be a problem. Imagine the cost of all those monitors, electricity, and extra space. 
Question: Would he do the work of 10 employees? The cost wouldn't be an issue then, right?

The extra head gears and accessories will cost quite a packet. 

But there will also be cool ways to save time maintaining those heads. 
Like this amazing 10-in-1 toothbrush. Who cares if you run out of toothpaste too soon? 

Now imagine untangling all those headphones. 

Ummm... not sure how this would work though. 

And of course, Facebook. Enough said