Pics Of A Car In Hotel Swimming Pool Lead To Hilarious Comments

"It's Hyundai's new submersible," one Facebook user joked.

Pics Of A Car In Hotel Swimming Pool Lead To Hilarious Comments

Florida police shared pics of a car submerged in a swimming pool.

Pictures of a car submerged in a community swimming pool have tickled social media's funny bone. On Saturday, Florida's West Palm Beach Police Department took to Facebook to share photos of a car under water in a pool.

According to police, the car ended up in water after the "adult driver" of the vehicle accidentally backed into a hotel pool - prompting some to question how "adult" the driver actually was.

According to WTSP, the accident occurred when the driver lost control of her car and crashed into the pool at hotel Holiday Inn. Thankfully, she and her passenger were able to climb out the back window of the car and escaped without any injuries.

Pics shared by police on Facebook show the black car inside the swimming pool.

The pics have amused many, collecting a ton of hilarious comments.

"How 'adult' are we talking? 18 or 98? How do you 'accidentally' back through a fence and end up in a pool?" one commenter asked.

"It's Hyundai's new submersible," another Facebook user joked, while a third wrote: "Gives a new definition to 'Car Pooling'".


"Amateurs. I totally could have made it to the other side," one commenter quipped. "Tow drivers need a swimsuit nowadays," another joked.

A number of commenters also asked if the driver had been distracted by her phone.

This isn't the first time a car has ended up in a swimming pool. In 2018, a woman was practicing parking when she accidentally lost control and drove her car into a pool.

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