"Not Joking": Delhi Man Pays ₹50,000 To Chartered Accountant For ₹1 Tax Dispute

Apoorv Jain from Delhi sparked controversy by revealing he paid a chartered accountant ₹50,000 to resolve a tax dispute worth only ₹1.

'Not Joking': Delhi Man Pays ?50,000 To Chartered Accountant For ?1 Tax Dispute

His post drew mixed reactions online regarding the tax system.

Apoorv Jain, a citizen of Delhi, has stirred up controversy on social media by claiming that he paid a chartered accountant (CA) Rs 50,000 to settle a tax dispute that was only worth Rs 1.

Jain took to social media platform X to express his frustration, stating, "I paid a $50,000 fee to the chartered accountant for an income tax notice I received recently wherein the final disputed value turned out to be Re 1/-." He emphasised his seriousness by adding, "I am not joking."

The incident highlights the complexities of navigating the tax system in India, where even seemingly minor issues can lead to significant professional fees. Jain's case has garnered mixed reactions online, with some users expressing disbelief at the tax department's inefficiency and others questioning the CA's fee structure.

"The state of this department is such that nothing looks like a joke anymore," wrote one X user.

"I am waiting for the day when income tax sends notice to rich farmers," wrote another user.

"Rs 50000 fees is too much; CA's are charging anything these days," commented a third user.

Meanwhile, the Income Tax Department has issued a stern advisory to taxpayers, warning them against filing income tax returns with false claims for exemptions and deductions. Authorities highlighted the severe consequences of such actions, which could lead to substantial fines and even imprisonment.

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