Noida Doctor Says He Followed IIT-JEE Aspirant's Strict Schedule For 3 Years: ''There's No Shortcut''

A Noida-based doctor said that he followed the same kind of schedule and stated ''there is no shortcut'' to success.

Noida Doctor Says He Followed IIT-JEE Aspirant's Strict Schedule For 3 Years: ''There's No Shortcut''

The viral photo has sparked a heated debate on social media

The IIT JEE (Indian Institute of Technology – Joint Entrance Exam) is considered to be one of the toughest in the country which demands strategic planning, focused dedication, and a disciplined approach. Recently, a photo of a 17-year-old's demanding schedule for JEE preparation went viral, shedding light on the dedication and commitment required to succeed in such competitive exams. The viral photo sparked a heated debate on social media, with several other aspirants and IITians discussing the number of hours needed for preparation for such exams. 

Reacting to the photo, a doctor said that he followed the same schedule during his preparation days and stated ''there is no shortcut to success''. Notably, the Noida-based doctor now specialises in internal medicine while his brother is an IIT-Delhi alumnus. The doctor said he and his brother followed the same kind of gruelling schedule for three years and got admission into one of the best government medical colleges. Meanwhile, his brother also got a good branch at IIT Delhi and is now settled in the US.

''Me and my brother almost followed the same routine for 3 years, I got one of the best govt medical colleges and he got a good branch @ IIT Delhi, now settled in the US. Telling you there is no shortcut,'' Dr Shraddhey Katiyar wrote on X.

See the tweet here:

Several users agreed with his tweet, saying that aspirants who come from humble backgrounds have no option, but to put in the hours. 

One user said, ''Absolutely no shortcut. I have still kept my schedule of study for 6 months before my CA final. Pushing myself to 18 hours a day of study and finding variance in each hour of scheduled study.I cleared at the first attempt at 21 years of age.''

Another commented, ''Almost everything that you want to achieve requires grit of iron, sustained efforts. Might sound repetitive or boring but that makes you stand apart from the rest. That makes you one whom the rest will look up to in times to come.''

A third added, ''Indeed demonstrate discipline and commitment and were destined to succeed. Kudos.''

According to the schedule, the 17-year-old aspirant gets up at 4:30 am every day, after sleeping at midnight, getting just 4.5 hours of sleep. The rest of the day goes into revising old chapters, attending class, and completing class work with hardly any time for leisure or other activities.

Meanwhile, Kalpit Veerwal, who scored full marks in the first part of the entrance test (JEE Main) in 2017, also reacted to the post and remarked that he didn't study as much as depicted in the viral schedule.

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