This Article is From Sep 16, 2021

Zomato, Paytm Join "Before vs After Instagram" Trend With ROFL Posts

Business enterprises like Zomato and Paytm joined the trend and shared their take on the “before and after” trend.

Zomato, Paytm Join 'Before vs After Instagram' Trend With ROFL Posts

A viral Twitter trend shows how Instagram changed our lives (Representative Image)

Netizens don't need a special day to churn out memes, or lose time in turning those into a red-hot trend. We have always been a fan of before-and-after scenarios, and so we are extremely amused at a new meme trend that has taken Twitter by storm. It compares life before the advent of Instagram and after it, in the most hilarious ways. Even big enterprises couldn't help but join in the fun. Well, one of them is food delivery app Zomato, which has given a humorous twist to this trend.

We all know about the 21st century ritual of taking pictures before digging into a good platter. But Zomato shows us where it all started. The post read, “Before Instagram: eats food. After Instagram: waits for the friend to click pictures... tries to eat food”. The ordeal doesn't end there if the friend thinks the photos weren't good enough.

Paytm also chipped in with a tweet, "Before Instagram: Paytm. After Instagram: Binod”. This post is reminiscent of a viral meme trend in 2020 when Twitter users shared all kinds of hilarious memes using the word “Binod”. Some memes never get old!

Another page, PaytmFirstGames, commented, "Before Instagram: Pray before you Eat. After Instagram: Click before you Eat”. On this post, Zomato was tagged.

We caught another popular app jump onto the bandwagon. Dating app Tinder showed us how Instagram had affected relationships and dating. In the post, it read, "Before Instagram: waiting for them to message 24x7. After Instagram: sliding into their DMs 24x7”. Gone are the days of SMS, but the impatient wait for a reply hasn't ended yet, right?

Stationery company Luxor India's post stressed that art survived before as well as after Instagram. "Before Instagram: Offline art sessions. After Instagram: Online art sessions”.

Twitter users also stole the show with their memes. A user named Sindhi Chhokro showed us the popularity of Instagram Reels today.

Another user named Yash Mahajan commented on the amount of data expenditure that we have normalised these days.

The photo-sharing app also changed our views of beauty and changed every day-to-day object into an "aesthetic" presence. Here's what a user said on these lines:

Now, that's quite a long list of the different ways in which Instagram has changed our lives. Feel free to add to it in our comments section below! 

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