Need Some Mid-Week Motivation? Anand Mahindra Can Help

Need Some Mid-Week Motivation? Anand Mahindra Can Help

Here's what Anand Mahindra reads before the newspaper each morning.


  • In a tweet, Anand Mahindra shared what he reads every morning
  • The business tycoon starts his day by reading his company's manifesto
  • The inspiring lines have managed to win a lot of love on Twitter
NEW DELHI: If you're on the lookout for some mid-week motivation, this tweet by Mahindra Group's executive chairman Anand Mahindra is just what the doctor ordered. Ever wondered how the business tycoon starts his day? In a tweet posted earlier today, Mr Mahindra shares exactly what his morning reading comprises. Before he picks up newspapers or even taps his phone for some "online wandering," Mr Mahindra reads his company's manifesto. And the words on it are so inspiring, several on Twitter have decided to incorporate it in their life too.

In a tweet shared some three hours before writing this, Mr Mahindra says: "My morning reading... every day... before newspapers & online wandering." The tweet is accompanied with a picture of the manifesto. "The tough part is to live up to it," he adds on Twitter.
The rousing lines have managed to win a lot of love on Twitter.

"Interesting and inspiring. Thanks for sharing Mr Anand," says one commenter on the social networking site. "What a perfect beginning for anything," says another.

Few even say they will make the note a part of their morning reading just like Mr Mahindra.

"Great, I have decided to do the same, we should see this as success manifesto of life," says a commenter.

Another Twitter user sought the business mogul's permission to use the note at his company.

"Awesome! Need your permission to implement the same in our company. We would try our best to live up to it," he says on Twitter.

Here's Mr Mahindra's response to the request:
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