"My Name Is Sunny. Can I Go Outside?" Mumbai Police Replies...

Mumbai Police is back with another funny and quirky tweet

'My Name Is Sunny. Can I Go Outside?' Mumbai Police Replies...

Mumbai Police had a witty response to a Twitter user's query. (Representative Image)

No one can beat Mumbai Police when it comes their ingenuity in spreading awareness on various issues. In a new post on Twitter, they advised a person to stay indoors in a quirky way. It all started with a Twitter user posing a question to the police, “Sir, my name is Sunny. Can I go outside?” The reply was hilarious. “Sir, if you are truly that star at the centre of the solar system, around which Earth and the other components of solar system revolve, we hope you realise the responsibility you are shouldering. Don't compromise it by exposing yourself to the virus please,” wrote the Mumbai Police. They further asked “Sunny” to “be the sunshine of safety”.

Social media users were impressed with the tweet. One of them commented, “Whoever's writing these responses at Mumbai Police, kudos. I have been following your wit for a while.”

Another Twitter user sought the writer's promotion. The comment read, “This person needs a raise, kudos.”

A language enthusiast wrote, “Whoever is handling this Twitter, wonderful vocabulary. Keep it up.”

“Geography lessons given, shots fired,” was another comment.

Earlier, the Mumbai Police asked everyone to wear masks in public through a fun Tom and Jerry cartoon strip. "Please don't go out without a cause or a mask on your face. Let's not make it a cat and mouse chase. We really don't like "Tom-Tomming" about the consequences,” the tweet read.

In April, the Mumbai Police spread COVID-19 awareness by giving a musical twist to one of their social media posts. They used Mumbai residents to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, and entertain themselves with popular songs from Lady Gaga, One Direction, BTS and John Legend.

Before that, they added a creative twist to the hit 1990s track, Aaj main upar, aasmaan neeche from the film Khamoshi, to spread another message about COVID-19. The image featured the virus with a thought bubble that says: 'Aaj main upar cuz mask hai neeche'.

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