This Article is From May 13, 2021

Watch: Kiki The Gorilla Bonds With New Mom And Baby

The primate, Kiki, sits by the glass and tries to communicate with the woman and her son fast asleep in her arms

Michael Austin filmed Kiki the gorilla's delight at seeing a newborn baby.

Human beings and animals don't always need words or sounds to communicate. And that was wonderfully on display at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. A video, which is now going viral, shows Kiki the gorilla sharing a heart-warming moment with a woman cradling her newborn son by the glass exhibit. In the clip, we can see Kiki pointing towards the baby and the woman is amazed to see the gorilla trying to emote. They engage for a few more seconds with just eye contact and gestures before Kiki cradles her own baby, Pablo. A man named Michael Austin captured this adorable video of his wife Emmelina and son Canyon. It has garnered over 90,850 views.

“Emmelina kept telling me that Kiki seemed to be very interested in the baby but I thought she was just imagining it," said Michael. "The next time she made eye contact with Kiki, she held up Canyon again and waved her over, then Kiki grabbed Pablo and put him on her leg to carry him over to us”.

He continued, “My wife sat on the floor and Kiki came over and immediately started interacting with us. It was one of the most amazing experiences to see her trying to hold Canyon's hand, lick him through the glass, and she just kept on pointing to us and then down at him, almost as if she was telling us “that's your baby”.

While this clip melts your heart, be sure not miss to this video where a mommy gorilla hilariously spoiled her baby's fun day. In a viral clip shared by IAS officer Supriya Sahu on Twitter, the little gorilla is seen jumping around happily in a shallow pit filled with hay until the bigger ape descends upon the scene and carries him away. Social media users found the video from March 2020 quite ‘relatable'.

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