This Article is From Jul 04, 2019

Massive Holes Open Up Suddenly On Road, Swallow Several Trucks. See Pics

No injuries were reported in the collapse

Massive Holes Open Up Suddenly On Road, Swallow Several Trucks. See Pics

Huge holes swallowed several trucks in Florida on Wednesday.

Authorities in Florida said multiple trucks were swallowed up by a pair of holes that opened up near the Orlando International Airport early on Wednesday. According to Spectrum News 13, the watery holes swallowed more than half a dozen large construction vehicles, including several trucks and canisters.

As of late Wednesday morning, officials hadn't determined whether the holes were actual sinkholes or a depression caused by something else, reports Spectrum News 13. Investigators are still trying to figure out why the ground collapsed at the property of C&A Trucking.

No injuries were reported in the collapse. Sharing pictures from the site of the holes, Orange County Fire Rescue said that trucks were swallowed by a hole in the road, and one driver managed to get out without any injuries.

They added that a man who stayed on a mobile home on the property also escaped without any harm.

According to Click Orlando, the owner of the trucking  business said the draining of a lake on a nearby property might be what led to the ground collapsing. Crews will begin trying to get the trucks out after the ground settles.

A huge, mud-flinging geyser recently opened up in a homeowner's backyard in Rotorua, New Zealand, forcing the family to flee their house.

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