A Bihar Court Wants Lord Hanuman to Appear Before it

A Bihar Court Wants Lord Hanuman to Appear Before it
Remember back in 2014, Lord Hanuman made headlines for being issued an Aadhar Card in Rajasthan? If you thought that was surprising, imagine this. A lower court in Bihar has actually issued summons to the Hindu God to make an appearance before it. 

The summons was issued after a case of encroachment was filed by the Public Works Department. In its complaint, the department sought the court's intervention to remove the Hanuman temple in Rohtas district as it caused obstruction to traffic.

The district officials even pasted the court's order on the idol.
Groups of Bajrang Dal activists and local Bharatiya Janata Party workers have opposed the court notice, demanding its withdrawal.

This isn't the first time a case was filed against Lord Hanuman by mere mortals. Earlier this month, an official in Begusarai district, Bihar issued an encroachment notice against 'Bajrang Bali' regarding a roadside temple constructed in His honour in the Lohia Nagar area. Authorities were however, forced to dump the notice after protests from Bajrang Dal workers.

The case isn't limited to just Lord Hanuman. On February 1, a lawyer in the Bihar's Sitamarhi district complained against Lord Ram and his brother Laxman. The petition sought registration of a case against the brothers for banishing Sita into exile "without proper justification".

The case was dismissed by Chief Judicial Magistrate Rash Bihari who said it was "not maintainable" and "beyond logic and facts".

Let's see what happens this time. Will the Lord actually make an appearance?