Video: Wrecked Lamborghini Abandoned On Road After Accident

Video of the crash showed the back of the car ripped open, and at least one wheel had fallen off.

It is not often that a Lamborghini winds up wrecked and abandoned after an accident. So, when it does, it gets wide attention. A blue Lamborghini Aventador crashed on a Montreal road in Canada recently. What is more surprising is that the owner abandoned the luxury sports car in the boulevard following the crash. Police are now investigating the accident and also looking for its owner. There have been no reported injuries, though the debris from the crash was scattered across the accident site. A video of the crash showed the back of the car ripped open, with at least one wheel fallen off.

The video was shared by the YouTube channel ViralHog. It showed the car in the middle of the road as other vehicles passed by. A closer look at the crash site showed that the Lamborghini had climbed halfway onto the pavement. When officers reached the site, the vehicle was unoccupied and there were no reported injuries. 

Montreal police said they were alerted in the middle of the night about the accident last week, according to CTV News. A person told the network he saw the vehicle pass a nearby job site at around 10 pm. The driver “did not seem comfortable” driving that type of car, he said.

Several people shared their theories on YouTube on why the driver abandoned the vehicle.

“Has to be stolen and taken for a joy ride. Either that or the owner and passengers were either drunk or high and bailed,” said a user, named Mona Padgett.

“Very fishy. Stolen? Drunk driver? In some ways, even if they're totally innocent and did this, it wouldn't surprise me. I mean they can afford a Lamborghini in the first place!" said Svnny.

"Drunk owner took off and reported it stolen," said a person with username P387 RDS.

On a sombre note, Khyron Kravshera said cars like these "are death traps" as they have far too much power for most drivers to handle safely.

The CTV report cited Frank Germilli, who rents luxury cars in Montreal, as saying that he was certain that the one crashed in the boulevard was a rental from a shop that brokers luxury vehicles from private owners. “That's what happens when you rent something at 1 am,” said Mr Germilli.

He added that he rented out a Lamborghini or other luxury car at his shop only if the customer was aged above 25 and after they submitted $20,000 as a deposit. He said his staff can track any of his cars using GPS and contact the driver if they exceeded the speed limit or drove erratically. "We don't deal with kids. You give this to a kid, it's like giving anything else to a kid," said Mr Germilli.

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