Miraculous Escape For 4 People After Helicopter Crashes In Field

The aircraft toppled while making an emergency landing.

Miraculous Escape For 4 People After Helicopter Crashes In Field

The helicopter was photographed lying in a field after the crash.

A helicopter, carrying four people, crashed in a field in the UK while attempting an emergency landing. Miraculously, none of the four passengers were seriously injured in the crash, reports Metro News. 

Emergency services were called after the aircraft crashed near a busy road in Kent on Sunday. According to Kent Police, the pilot was forced to make an emergency landing that did not end well. The pilot and three passengers not only survived the impact of the crash, they were also lucky that the fuel tank did not explode during the accident - when the aircraft toppled while making the landing. 

According to UK Aviation News, a spokesperson for Kent Police said "Kent Police was contacted at 10.05 am on Sunday, July 26 and notified that a helicopter had carried out an emergency landing in a field near Heart in Hand Road, Herne Bay."

Photos that have been widely shared on social media show the helicopter lying in a field after the crash.

One police officer said that everyone made it out "safe and well" but there were still concerns of a potential explosion from any remaining fuel.

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service also updated followers about the situation, writing that the scene had been brought under control. 

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch will now carry out an investigation to determine the cause of the crash. 

Last year, a small aircraft crashed on a road in Canada - narrowly missing a vehicle's front hood. 

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