This Article is From May 23, 2017

Indian Student Touches American Dean's Feet, Twitter Cracks Up

Indian Student Touches American Dean's Feet, Twitter Cracks Up

An Indian student left his American dean surprised as he bowed down to touch his feet.

New Delhi: Whether it's Rani Mukerji's "London mein rehne se, wahaan padhne likhne se, main apne sanskaar nahi bhooli," in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Akshay Kumar's speech in Namaste London, Indians love a good dose of sanskaar.

Perhaps that's why a video of an Indian student touching his dean's feet at his graduation ceremony has gone viral on social media.

During the Commencement Ceremony at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, US, an Indian student, Gaurav Jhaveri, bowed down to touch his dean's feet after receiving his graduation degree. Watch the video below:

Touching someone's feet is an Indian mark of respect. And while it is common to see that in our country, it definitely left the dean baffled. His expression says it all.

A short clip of the incident has since then gone viral on Twitter with over 11,000 'likes' and 11,000 retweets.
Of course, Indians on Twitter have come out in full force to crack jokes. While some made the much-expected Alok Nath references:
Others couldn't get over the surprised expression on the dean's face:
Some even took it upon themselves to explain what happened:
And this guy summed it up nicely:
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