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New Jersey Road Covered In Trash Post Diwali Celebration, Twitter Enraged

"So unfortunate and shameful too," wrote one person in response to the New Jersey Diwali video

New Jersey Road Covered In Trash Post Diwali Celebration, Twitter Enraged

A viral video shows a New Jersey road littered with trash after Diwali celebrations.


  • A viral video shows a New Jersey street covered in garbage
  • The video was filmed at India Square after Diwali celebrations
  • Many on social media criticised the littering as "shameful"

Diwali was celebrated with much joy and festivity on Sunday, October 27. The festival of lights is celebrated not just in India but around the world by Indian communities living abroad. However, it seems like Diwali celebrations in New Jersey, USA, turned out to be a messy affair, with garbage covering the streets and smoke filling the air.

A video going viral online shows India Square - a commercial district in the Journal Square and Marion Section neighbourhoods Jersey City - left covered in garbage after Diwali celebrations. In the video, scores of people are seen standing on the roadside as water is used to clean the huge amount of trash littering the road. A police car is also seen patrolling the area, where paper packaging, empty boxes and cans can be seen covering the road.

The video was posted to Twitter on Monday by a Twitter user named Sandhya.

"Ashamed to be called an Indian," she wrote, adding that the video was filmed at Indian Street near Journal Square, New Jersey.

"Hats off to NJ Police handling the mess Very professionally," she said.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared online, the video has collected over 76,000 views and a number of outraged comments, with many calling the scene "shameful" and "unfortunate".

"Thanks for the video. It's a shame people standing (gawking) and not cleaning their mess," wrote one person in response to the video. "When are we planning to learn? Or we never learn at all?" asked another.

Many Twitter users also shared angry comments criticising the mess.

One user shared a video of Diwali celebrations in New Jersey that shows the air filled with smoke. "This place felt like a war zone with all the noise and smoke before the administration has to stop it," he wrote.

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