This Article is From Jan 05, 2017

IIT Food? Oops. Sundar Pichai Bravely Offers Diplomatic Response

Google CEO Sundar Pichai interacting with students at IIT Kharagpur.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai, taking questions today at the IIT Kharagpur where he studied 24 years ago, chuckled when he was asked about food.

"People asked us to guess whether it was sambar or daal," Mr Pichai shared, to loud applause.

Mr Pichai, who has a BTech degree from the institute, returned to IIT to discuss his journey with the students.

He was asked many questions about his days on campus. Of all his answers, it was the one on the food that won him loudest approval from the crowd.

"The mess staff was great. I'm glad they fed us for four years," he quickly added while commenting that he couldn't tell between Sambar and daal.

Mr Pichai also recalled hanging out at a place called Harry's.