Hyderabad Auto Driver's Random Act Of Kindness Is Melting Hearts On Facebook

A woman's Facebook post describing how an auto rickshaw driver in Hyderabad helped her out is viral

New Delhi: It's hard to stay positive. Tune in to the news, and more often than not, you're inundated with heartbreak and tragedy. But, here's an awesome reminder that people aren't always awful. In fact, sometimes, their selflessness can surprise you. One woman's Facebook post describing her auto rickshaw driver's "random act of kindness" is putting a smile on many people's faces.

Varijashree Venugopal writes on Facebook that she was in Hyderabad for a visa interview and short of cash. She needed around Rs 5,000 to pay the visa fees but had only about Rs 2,000.

"We visited about 10 to 15 ATM centres, without any luck. Seemed like there was a strange problem with all ATMs in Hyderabad. I even requested a few stores with ATM machines, if they could swipe my card and give me cash, but in vain," she writes.

Read on to see what her auto rickshaw driver, Baba, did upon sensing her helplessness: 

Since April 11, Ms Venugopal's Facebook post has been shared over 4,700 times and collected over 20,000 reactions. The comments on her post are overwhelmingly positive. 

Ms Venugopal is a Bengaluru-based singer and flautist and the daughter of renowned Carnatic flautist HS Venugopal and singer TV Rama.

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