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How Milind Soman Went from Chain Smoker to Ironman in Six Months

How Milind Soman Went from Chain Smoker to Ironman in Six Months
"As I've become older, I've taken a fond liking to simplicity," says 'Ironman' Milind Soman on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page.

Back in July, the 49-going-on-50 actor completed the Ironman Triathlon in Switzerland, which consists of a 3.86 km swim, a 180.25 km cycle race, and a 42.2 km run - he managed all this in 15 hours 19 minutes and 29 seconds. The Made in India man received heaps of praise for completing the extreme race - considered one of the world's most challenging - and inspired thousands in the process. 
Now, with this post on the Humans of Bombay Facebook page, he's letting the world in on his 1000 mile journey.

"Scientifically, everything is symbolic of everything else whether it's an atom, the universe, love or a relationship. When you understand the principal of balance - where things happen around you or to you to balance the energy in the world - your life will become a lot simpler and clearer," he says on Facebook. 

So how did he bring about this balance in his life? Milind explains it was when he decided to run and give up smoking.

"I think I smoked my first cigarette when I was 29 waiting on the sets of a television show for no reason in particular," he says. As his dependency on smoking increased, he would end up smoking five cigarettes at one time, and about 30 within the day.

"I think when something is so acceptable, accessible and addictive - it's the toughest to escape it," he explains, the reason people find it so difficult to give up their addiction to smoking. Like the many others, Milind Soman too tried and failed to quit smoking several times.

The drastic change came about when he took up running. "Having been naturally inclined to sports since a young age, I felt terrible about myself and that's how I was able to release the habit for good over six months and now I can't even passive smoke," he says.

"So I guess from being a chain smoker to winning the title of Ironman... balance was restored."

Read the inspiring post below: 

“As I’ve become older, I’ve taken a fond liking to simplicity. The kind of things I do, or need have evolved over time...

Posted by Humans of Bombay on Thursday, 29 October 2015