This Article is From May 21, 2020

How Many Of These Trending #LockdownPuzzles Can You Solve?

Have time to kill? Try your hand at these #LockdownPuzzles.

How Many Of These Trending #LockdownPuzzles Can You Solve?

#LockdownPuzzles: How many of these brainteasers can you solve?

Twitter users are beating the boredom of lockdown by exercising their brains. Rather than watching Netflix, a section of the Internet is killing time by scratching their heads over brainteasers that are going viral on the microblogging platform. This morning, #LockdownPuzzles began to trend on Twitter as several users shared everything from funny riddles to math questions, inviting their followers to take a crack at solving them. While some of these #LockdownPuzzles are easy enough, others are sure to leave you baffled. 

If you have time to kill and want to get your brain working, try and solve these trending #LockdownPuzzles and see how many you can get right. 

What is the biggest possible number you can create by moving just two matchsticks? Try to solve this brainteaser:

You can find the correct answer to this puzzle here.

There are eight popsicles in this GIF - but one of them is not like the others. How quickly can you spot it?

How many rectangular bars can you see in this picture?

This optical illusion masquerading as a #LockdownPuzzle is not new, but it has generated great interest on Twitter, collecting a number of responses. 

Easy enough so far? Here's a puzzle that might make you pause and think. Do you know what has teeth but doesn't bite? Find out what this mysterious creature is below:

Riddle us this - there are five sisters in a room and one is reading, the second one cooking, the third playing chess and the fourth busy with laundry. What is the fifth sister doing?

Can you guess the name of these countries using only the visual clues provided?

In this puzzle, there are nine dogs in a square fence. Construct two more square fences so that every dog is in isolation, social distancing from each other. 

Were you able to solve this brainteaser? You can check the answer here.

And finally, can you figure out which three balls will add up to 30 in this picture? Hint: This is not a straightforward math question and may require some out of the box thinking.

How many of these were you able to crack? Let us know using the comments section.

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