Horrifying Video Shows Alligator Climbing Fence At Military Base

"Crazy and scary!" said one person, summing up the whole incident

Horrifying Video Shows Alligator Climbing Fence At Military Base

A video of an alligator scaling a fence has gone viral online.

Security measures at a naval base in Florida were not enough to keep out one scary intruder - an alligator. A horrifying video that is going viral online shows a huge alligator scaling a fence to enter the military base of Naval Air Station Jacksonville.

The video was captured by Christina Stewart, who was driving past the site on Saturday. She shared the clip of the alligator climbing the wire fence on Facebook and wrote: "Glad I got to watch him or her crawl over the gate and disappear."

Her video has been viewed over 3 lakh times on Facebook and seems to have freaked a lot of people out.

"Oh my gosh how crazy, no thank you," said one person in response to the video. "Crazy and scary!" wrote another, while a third simply wrote "nope".

NAS Jacksonville, however, did not seem fazed by the alligator. In a Facebook post, they wrote: "If you are new to Florida or have been here for years, when you see water, assume an alligator could be in it.

"We have several on the base and they don't respect our security measures."

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