Happy Promise Day 2018: Messages, Wishes, Images For Mother, Father, Siblings And Friends

Promise Day, celebrated on February 11, is not just for couples but also other important people in your life - your parents, siblings and besties. Send these Happy Promise Day messages, wishes and images to let them know what they mean to you

Happy Promise Day 2018: Messages, Wishes, Images For Mother, Father, Siblings And Friends

Promise Day is the day not just for couples but also for siblings, best friends and parents

New Delhi:  Every year, just days before Valentine's Day, couples celebrate each other by making some meaningful promises to one another. The occasion Promise Day is celebrated on February 11 every year. All relationships require those in it to make certain commitments to one another - the vow of looking out for each other's happiness, a pledge of togetherness and most of all the promise of unconditional love. So Promise Day is the perfect day to make all these and more promises to the one you love. And the day doesn't only mean promises of  love between couples, it can also be a celebration of the special bond with family, siblings and best friends who've been for you through good times and bad. Today is the day to make some vows to them to thank them for their constant support.

February 11 is celebrated as Happy Promise Day all over the world. It is a day not just for couples but for anyone who wants to make a meaningful promise to a loved one. It can be as simple as promising your mother you'll clean up your own room! Celebrating Promise Day is a truly beautiful way of letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

So, we decided to compile some Promise Day messages, images, wishes that you can send to your loved ones. Take a look.

Promise Day messages for your mother:

I promise to never ignore your phone call and call you up every night

I promise to eat healthy and not lie when you ask, "khaana khaaya?"

promise day message for mother parents

Promise Day 2018: A heartfelt message for your mother

I promise to try and make you proud of me

I promise to keep my room tidy (well, most of the time anyway)

Promise Day messages for your father:

I promise to always try and make you proud

Thank you for being my childhood superhero and my biggest cheerleader as I grew up. I promise to always live up to your expectations

promise day message for father mother parents

Promise Day 2018: Let your father know you are grateful for all he's done for you

I promise to keep your teachings close to my heart as I make my way through this world. Thank you for teaching me right from wrong

Promise Day messages for your siblings, brothers and sisters:

I promise to not tell mom about that one time (you know what I'm talking about)

I promise to never stop stealing your clothes, belts, shoes, earrings...

promise day message for sisters brothers siblings

Promise Day 2018: Send this promise day message to your sister

I promise to be your loudest cheerleader at whatever you do, even when I know you'll fail

I promise to help you up every time you fall

Promises for your best friend:

I promise to like most of what you post on social media, even the bad selfies

I promise to be the best bridesmaid/best man at your wedding

promise day message for best friend

Promise Day 2018: Make a vow to your best friend

I promise to help you get over breakups and eat indecent amounts of chocolate ice cream with you if that's what you need

I promise to always be by your side, like you've been for me

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