This Article is From Jun 25, 2017

Gone With The Wind: Weatherman 'Blown Away' During Live Broadcast

Mother Nature wins again

Gone With The Wind: Weatherman 'Blown Away' During Live Broadcast

A hilarious blooper on-air as a gust of wind whipped a reporter off-screen.


  • Derick Hartigan is a weatherman for Irish channel TV3
  • On Friday, he had a hilarious blooper live on air as he read the report
  • A strong gust of wind whipped Derick off camera, blew his umbrella away
Irish channel TV3's weatherman Derick Hartigan suffered a hilarious blooper on Friday morning as he went live to read the weather report - and a strong gust of wind literally blew him away. Derick's broadcast started out well enough as he spoke about the wet and windy weather, but only a few seconds in, he was caught off balance by a massive gust of wind that first blew his orange umbrella away and then whipped him off-camera. A wonderful sport about the whole thing, Derick laughed as he came back onscreen and hosts Sinead Desmond and Mark Cagney at the studio were left in splits.

Watch the full clip below:

On Facebook, where the on-air blooper has collected over 6 lakh views, Derick jokes about it being a 'career highlight.'

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