This Article is From Mar 12, 2015

From Twitter, #GoodAdviceIn4Words. Some of it Great, Some Funny

From Twitter, #GoodAdviceIn4Words. Some of it Great, Some Funny

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In between ripping apart the #AAPBreakUp and welcoming #NH10Tomorrow, Twitter was dispensing #GoodAdviceIn4Words - the top trend worldwide - today.

Four words might seem a meager allowance to many, but clearly not to those who inhabit the 140 character-limited world of Twitter. The advice came thick and fast, some of it useful, some of it calculated to sting.

According to hashtag analyst Buzzookaa, #GoodAdviceIn4Words starting trending in India around 12.04 am on March 12 and by noon had about 103K tweets.

The hashtag is believed to have been created by the account Hashtag Shenanigans which creates weekly hashtags and asks followers to respond. This time they sent the usually cynical Twitter into an overdrive of positive emotions, creating history of sorts.

If the 'Dark Knight' of social media can send strangers happy thoughts, everybody can.

Is this the beginning of the end? Or the end of a new beginning? While we debate that, here's a look at the pick of the #GoodAdviceIn4Words.

The happy- gooey -lovely thoughts:


The ones who got it just right:


The ones who truly, deeply understand life:


And then there were the funnies. Because, Twitter: