This Article is From Jun 18, 2020

Finding The Snake In This Pic Is "Very Hard". How Quickly Can You Do It?

"Very very difficult," wrote one person in the comments section.

Finding The Snake In This Pic Is 'Very Hard'. How Quickly Can You Do It?

There's a small snake hiding in this picture. Can you see it?

While finding a snake in your home may be a terrifying experience - spotting the one hidden in this illustration might just leave you with a sense of accomplishment. Author and children's book illustrator Gergely Dudas recently devised an interesting puzzle for his social media followers. Mr Dudas, who is famous for his colourful sketches and 'find the object' puzzles, took to Instagram to share his latest project. On Wednesday, he posted an illustration of a jungle and challenged people to find the snake hidden in it. 

In the illustration, where shades of green dominate, you can see tree trunks with vines circling around them, happy-looking birds (including one looking very distinguished in a top hat), and lush plants. Finding the snake among all this is not easy - as evidenced by the ton of comments that the illustration has received. 

"Can YOU find a SNAKE in the jungle?" wrote Mr Dudas while sharing the image. Take a look and see how quickly you can spot the reptile:

The illustration has collected nearly 2,000 'likes' since being shared a day ago, along with a number of comments relating how hard it is to find the snake. 

"I found it. Wow, this one is very hard," wrote one person in the comments section.

"Very very difficult," another said.

Some had a hard time spotting the snake even after looking up the answer. "It took me ages to find it, even though I looked for the solution," one Instagram user wrote. 

Did this puzzle leave you stumped? You can check out the answer here

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