Find The Snake Hiding In This Pile Of Leaves. It's Almost Impossible

This is as hard as finding a needle in the haystack

Find The Snake Hiding In This Pile Of Leaves. It's Almost Impossible

Hiding in the pile was a female Coastal Carpet Python and another scary revelation

We are back with another 'spot the snake' challenge for you and this one might be the hardest one yet. Like many of the previous find the snake challenges, this one too comes from the big, bad and wild Australia where dangerous creatures lurk at every corner.

A photo posted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers show a pile of dried up leaves and mulch seemingly hiding a female Coastal Carpet Python. One glance at the photo will give you an idea that the challenge at hand is almost impossible - finding a dirt-coloured snake in a sea of brown is not easy.

Many people tried to spot the snake with their guesses in the comments. Most were wrong. If you, like many others, think it's next to the tank, you're wrong.

The snake catchers posted a video to show exactly where the snake was hiding. But that's not all -there's another scary revelation. Hiding in a hole in the pile was not just the blue-tongued female Coastal Carpet Python but also her clutch of eggs. According to Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, the serpent dropped her eggs inside the pile of leaves because of the humid temperature. The female snake was safely removed from the mulch and relocated along with her eggs.

Watch the python's hiding spot:
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