Father, Son Step Off Escalator Just Before It Crashes. Watch Narrow Save

Footage captured shows the escalator malfunctioning and crashing moments after the duo stepped off it

Father, Son Step Off Escalator Just Before It Crashes. Watch Narrow Save

The escalator completely collapsed moments after the man and little boy stepped off it

A father and son's narrow escape from what could have been a terrible accident has been caught on camera. A video circulating online shows the duo stepping off a moving escalator only moments before it malfunctioned and crashed. The scary video has left many startled and collected quite a few reactions online.

According to Shanghaiist, the video was recorded at a mall in Xuancheng in China's Anhui province.

Footage captured, most likely on a CCTV camera, shows the boy stepping off the escalator first, followed by his dad. Just a split second later, right when the man steps off it, the moving stairway completely collapses behind him. As the father-son pair quickly move away towards safety, a gaping hole can be seen on the landing where they just stood. The metal panels of the escalator can also be seen crashing into one another. A man at the bottom of the stairway is seen switching the device off.


Watch the terrifying video below:


The incident took place on July 28. A day later, Xuancheng Market Supervision Bureau, following an inspection, said the incident happened because of a key that was stuck in the escalator's guide rail leading to its rubber roller rupturing, reports Beijing News.

"Wow, a narrow one for both father and son. Thank God," says one Facebook user. "Why you should take the stairs..." says another. "Was definitely one close call," says a third.

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