This Article is From Jun 25, 2014

Faking Happiness on Facebook: Those 'Likes' Aren't Real, People

Faking Happiness on Facebook: Those 'Likes' Aren't Real, People

Courtesy: HigtonBros

This is the way the world ends: not with a bang but a click. Yes, we're serious.

Do you get easily depressed with the amazing posts from people on your Facebook friend list? Do those food pictures, holiday check-ins, and relationship updates make you want to delete your account and live on a mountain somewhere far, far away? Well, this video is for you.

Tired of leading his ordinary life, this man decides that if he can't live as fabulously as his 'friends' he might as well just project it. He begins by writing "sushi with my girl tonight!!! <3" as his status while he and said girl sitting on opposite ends of the same sofa, not even talking. Did that first 'like' make him feel a tad better about his life? Probably.

And thus continues this happy-life projection. As the 'likes' increase, so does his awareness of the sorry reality of his life. And tired of living a lie, just this once he tries to let people know the truth.

So what do we people do when you tell them your "life sucks"? Have a look at the video below and take a second to think about your life. Are you really happy? And is your happiness truly yours?