Drop Everything and Listen to Wheelchair-Bound 12-Year-Old Cover Eminem

Drop Everything and Listen to Wheelchair-Bound 12-Year-Old Cover Eminem

Screengrab taken from video posted on Youtube by Sparsh Shah

"It's always been my dream to inspire billions of people one day with my musical talent, and I wish that dream comes true," writes 12-year-old Sparsh Shah from New Jersey on YouTube. Looks like that dream is coming true already - Sparsh's cover of Eminem's Not Afraid is making waves online with over 1.4  million views since being posted on January 2 on YouTube.

The talented preteen lives with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a condition which makes his bones extremely fragile. Sparsh has already had over 125 fractures so far but he is gifted with a great voice and a flair for arranging music. He also goes by the name PURHYTHM, which he says is his rapper avatar.

In his rendition of the 2010 track by his rap idol, Sparsh also adds a classical touch which is hauntingly beautiful. "I feel like Not Afraid has been my power song ever since I heard it for the first time and Eminem became my idol in the rap genre. He has inspired me so much with his powerful songs and lyrics (minus curses), and I aspire that one day, I could get to meet him and sing (or rap!) with him," Sparsh writes on YouTube.

Sparsh has also auditioned for America's Got Talent and is currently awaiting his results, due out some time this month. Here's wishing this awesome rapper all the best.

Watch his video below. It's a lesson in being fearless - one you didn't know you needed.

Here's Eminem's original track.

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