Singapore's Diwali-Themed Trains Are Nothing Short Of Spectacular

Diwali will be extra-special in Singapore this year, as Deepavali-themed trains return for a second year running. This year, however, an additional treat that sees five buses also adorned with vibrant rangoli motifs, diyas and flowers.

Singapore's Diwali-Themed Trains Are Nothing Short Of Spectacular

Diwali 2017: Singapore's Deepavali-themed trains make for quite the visual treat

Diwali this year will be extra special in Singapore, as Deepavali-themed trains return for a second year running. Land Transport Authority, part of Singapore's Ministry of Transport, posted stunning pictures of the festive trains featuring gorgeous images of diyas, elephants, lotus flowers and colourful rangolison Facebook. But it's not just trains that are Diwali-themed, but an entire train station and five buses as well. The trains and buses will remain decked up for the entire month of October. Scroll down to feast your eyes on the dazzling pictures.
singapore diwali train fb 650 1

Singapore's Diwali-themed trains feature majestic elephants

"Celebrate the Festival of Lights with your own unique Deepavali commute this year! Our #Deepavali themed trains and station are back with a different but equally stunning decoration - featuring majestic elephants and rangoli motifs that symbolise luck," writes the Land Transport Authority in a post Facebook. 
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Colourful rangoli motifs that symbolise luck adorn Singapore's Deepavali-themed trains 

Singapore is home to a sizeable expat Indian population and the themed trains and buses will run past the predominantly Indian neighbourhood, known as "Little India."

"Catching the themed trains or buses? Hop off at Little India Station, and continue your Deepavali journey under the elegant street lights right outside," adds the Land Transport Authority. 
singapore diwali train fb 650 3

Commuters photographed on Singapore's dazzling Diwali-themed trains

The festive trains and buses are a result of a collaboration with the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association and SBS Transit Ltd.
singapore diwali train fb 650

The trains feature colourful Deepavali greetings

The pictures, which have collected well over 30,000 reactions on Facebook, are being appreciated by many.

"This is indeed awesome... Thank you to Singapore and its administration team," wrote one person.

"Wow! That nicely adds gloss to the festive mood. Irresistibly colorful and vibrant. Thank you very much," wrote another.

"I took train today and I went 'wow'...I'm so fascinated with all the artwork! Great job," commented a third. 
singapore diwali train station 650

The Deepavali theme extends beyond trains and buses to a train station as well

Diwali, or Deepavali, marks the victory of good over evil and commemorates the time when Lord Rama achieved victory over Ravana and returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after a 14-year-long exile. This year, the Festival of Lights is being celebrated on October 19.

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