Cyclist Travels Through London For 9 Hours To Create Reindeer On Map

"I'm pretty happy with it," Anthony Hoyte says of his reindeer.

A cyclist brought some Christmas cheer to London by creating a virtual reindeer on a map of the city. Anthony Hoyte, from Cheltenham, creates art by cycling along intricate routes that form images on maps, reports BBC. The 51-year-old uses the Strava fitness tracker app to record his route and create the virtual image.

The reindeer is his third annual Christmas image - one that took him nine hours of pedaling to create. He cycled for roughly 127 kilometers - starting from Hammersmith in west London and zigzagging through the city before finishing at Euston Road - to create the reindeer shape on his map.

The image, shared on Twitter, has impressed many.

"Another masterpiece - well done Anthony," wrote one Twitter user. "You, sir, are amazing!" another said.

"I'm pretty happy with it," Anthony Hoyte said to Insider. "You plan them all out but until you get back and upload it, you're not quite sure whether it's going to work or not.

"I made a couple of mistakes but they're so small that nobody's going to notice really. I'm happy. It looks how I wanted it to look."

Last year, Mr Hoyte had created a Santa Claus by cycling through London. The year before that, he cycled the outline of a snowman.

Both the Christmas-themed artworks were widely appreciated online.

What do you think of Anthony Hoyte's "Strava art"? Let us know using the comments section.

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