China's AI-Powered Sex Dolls Set To Revolutionise Intimacy: Report

Chinese scientists and engineers are integrating ChatGPT-like technology into sex robots to develop interactive, AI-powered companions.

China's AI-Powered Sex Dolls Set To Revolutionise Intimacy: Report

Starpery Technology in Shenzhen is leading this innovation.

Throughout history, human creativity has led to new technologies that meet important needs and fulfil changing desires. From early tools for survival to today's smartphones that connect us worldwide, technology solves problems and offers new experiences. Now, artificial intelligence (AI), a powerful new technology affecting every sector, is set to transform the sex doll industry. This development focuses on making AI-driven companions that can talk and interact with users. It aims to improve how these dolls interact, creating more lifelike and engaging experiences.

According to the South China Morning Post, Chinese scientists and engineers are applying ChatGPT-like technology to sex robots, aiming to create interactive, AI-powered companions in the face of technical and ethical challenges.

In Shenzhen, Starpery Technology, a major producer of sex dolls, is now training its own large language model to enhance its product with artificial intelligence. These sex dolls with unprecedented capabilities, available in male or female forms, will soon be hitting the shelves.

"We are developing a next-generation sex doll that can interact vocally and physically with users, with prototypes expected by August this year," CEO Evan Lee told SCMP early this month.

"Technological challenges remain, particularly in achieving realistic human interaction," he said. "While simple dialogue is easy, creating interactive responses involves complex model development by specialised software companies."

The company said that conventional dolls, with a metal skeleton and silicone outer layer, can only provide basic responses and lack the expressive abilities necessary for engaging with humans.

"The new generation of sex dolls, powered by AI models and equipped with sensors, can react with both movements and speech, significantly enhancing the user experience by focusing on emotional connection rather than just basic conversational abilities," the CEO said.

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