This Article is From Jan 25, 2022

Watch: A Huge Snake Slithers Up A Wall In Hair-Raising Video

The incident occurred in Thailand and was shared on a YouTube channel

If you're afraid of snakes, you've probably tried everything you can to keep them away from you. But if one of your options is climbing onto a higher platform, think again. Because it looks like that isn't a foolproof solution after all. A viral video from Thailand that shows a huge snake crawling over a high wall has left viewers shocked. A thick, long snake can be seen in the video clinging to the edges of a wall. It has already coiled itself along a beam, after climbing from the potted plants kept underneath.

The 58-second-long clip begins with the snake ascending up the corner of the wall from the beam. Soon, we notice that the reptile has made it to the top of the wall, where the building's tiled roof can be seen. Then it slithers over to the other side. The snake's length and thickness would scare away any person.

However, what caught our eye was the appearance of a cat on the tiled roof even as the snake was making its way to the top. A few seconds into the video, we see a cat sneaking up close to the snake. If you'd expected it would flee, you were wrong. The cat lurks around to get a better view of the reptile.

The video was shared on the YouTube channel ViralHog. The incident took place this month in Thailand. The caption read, “I couldn't believe that the snake would climb so high.”

At the time of writing, the clip had been viewed over 26,000 times, with many users commenting on the length of the snake as well as the cat's act of watching the snake slither away

One user commented, “I was going to say ‘curiosity killed the cat'. However, upon closer observation, it looked like just another day where the master cat takes his pet snake for a stroll in the garden.”

Another user commented from the point of view of the cat: “Cat is thinking: Oh good a snake! A short while later: Errrm where is the tail? Even more later: What, still no tail and the damn thing is becoming thicker by the minute? Ohhhhk, best I sneak out here, least I become lunch.”

Some users called the snake “gorgeous” and "beautiful".

A couple of users also felt how could people live in such an environment where a snake as large as this casually moves around.

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