Internet Is Heartbroken After Reading This Viral Tweet From Mom Battling Cancer

Dr Nadia Chaudhri's tweet narrates her painful experience

Internet Is Heartbroken After Reading This Viral Tweet From Mom Battling Cancer

"I'm dying from cancer," wrote Dr Nadia Chaudhri in a heartbreaking tweet.

Dr Nadia Chaudhri, a neuroscientist from Canada, just redefined grace, self-control and strength. Her latest tweet is going viral on the Internet for a heartbreaking reason. Dr Chaudhri was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer in June 2020, and she has been documenting her journey on social media. Yesterday, Dr Chaudhri told her son that she is about to lose her battle with cancer. The tweet reads, “Today is the day I tell my son that I'm dying from cancer. It's reached a point where he has to hear it from me. Let all my tears flow now so that I can be brave this afternoon. Let me howl with grief now so that I can comfort him.” She also posted a picture with the little one.

Her followers were overwhelmed with this painful revelation and sent prayers. A user commented, “Sending you so much love Nadia. I wish all the moms in the world could loan you a little bit of our strength.” 

Another of Nadia's followers said, “This moment you described, yet brief in words, really touched me. It gave me pause. A long pause in a world full of movement.”

A few wished to take away Nadia's grief.

In a follow-up tweet, Dr Chaudhri shared how her son reacted to the news. She wrote, “Our hearts broke. We cried a lot. And then the healing began. My son is brave. He is bright. He will be okay. And I will watch him grow from wherever I am. Today was the hardest day of my life. Thank you all for your love.”

Nadia has also been advocating for a long time to prioritise Quebec's cancer patients on the COVID-19 vaccination list.

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