"Born To Slay, Forced To Fly": Ryanair's Take On Met Gala 2024 Theme Wins Internet

The Met Gala theme of the year is 'The Garden of Time.'

'Born To Slay, Forced To Fly': Ryanair's Take On Met Gala 2024 Theme Wins Internet

The post has amassed over four lakh views.

European budget airline Ryanair is known for its savage responses to complaints. The airline recently shared a witty response to Met Gala's 2024 theme. Ryanair wrote this in response to media outlet Pop Crave's post on the fashion event. They wrote, "The 2024 Met Gala is 3 weeks away - this year's dress code is 'The Garden of Time.' Who's on your dream guest list?" Responding to the same, the airline shared an edited picture of one of its aircraft's bodies with flowers and leaves along with a set of lips with pink lipstick. They said, "born to slay, forced to fly."

Since being shared, the post has amassed over four lakh views and eight thousand likes on the platform.

"Would rather see this than same celebrities in uncomfortable outfits over and over again," said a user.

Another wrote, "Wow, that's beautiful"

A third said, "Them landings will actually slay people"

A fourth person added, 'Ryanair's tweet game is next level!"

A user added, "meanwhile her boyfriend plane is burning in the other hangar with a bear suit on"

"Ryanair marketing team is goated," said a person.

"Admin bro, you are good at this i give you that. Your comebacks, takes and wild shots damn its like you have a cheat code," remarked another X user.

Earlier, a woman travelling from Ryanair in Europe shelled out extra money for what she thought would be a window seat. But unfortunately, her seat didn't have any windows.  

The infuriated passenger tweeted a picture of the seat she got on the flight. The passenger, Martaverse, along with the picture wrote, "Seriously @Ryanair I paid for the window seat."

On this, the airline responded to the passenger with the same picture but encircled the small circular glass opening they had on their emergency door, justifying that they did offer a window seat to the passenger. 

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