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Bolero Drives Past Jaguar In Mumbai Rains. Anand Mahindra Responds

"We won't brag over this," wrote Anand Mahindra

Bolero Drives Past Jaguar In Mumbai Rains. Anand Mahindra Responds

A viral video shows a Bolero easily driving past a stuck Jaguar in Mumbai.

Heavy rains paralaysed Mumbai on Wednesday, almost turning the city into an extension of the sea. The unprecedented deluge led to water-logging, traffic jams and delayed flights. In the midst of this, a video of a Mahindra Bolero SUV whizzing past a luxury Jaguar sedan on one such water-logged road of Mumbai tickled social media's funny bone.

The video has been massively shared on microblogging website Twitter. It was reportedly filmed at Airoli in Navi Mumbai. 

Take a look at the video below:

But even as several people tagged Anand Mahindra on the video to bring it to his attention, the chairman of the Mahindra Group refused to be drawn into a debate about the two cars, calling it an "unfair contest".

On Wednesday, he responded to the video on Twitter and wrote: "We won't brag over this. It's an unfair contest."

He explained that the Bolero was built to navigate tough terrains and added: "Bolero's meant to negotiate such landscapes (seascapes?) But now you know why the Bolero's my favourite vehicle to drive."

His measured response found a lot of praise on the microblogging website, and many agreed with him.

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